Wednesday, June 22, 2005
.:: Just a Smile ::

"Describe me in one word, just one! Send it to me, then send this msg to friends & see how wonderful/ strange things people think about u! Do reply its fun."

That's a SMS that I sent to a dear fren yang jaoohhh banget di belahan dunia sono 2 hari lalu. Paginya, when I woke up, I reached to my mobile and realised that I have one unread message. I opened up the silver clamshell and press a silver button to view it.

I'm pretty amazed when I read a word, a name on my inbox coz... ga expect aja bakalan dapet reply dari tuh orang. Ehm... twus... I opened the SMS and found only 3 words inside. It says, "One word : kind."

Ehm... twus I dunno if I have to reply or not, then I just sent him "Huehe thx ya". That's it. I'm not too surprised if he didn't reply it, but what happened was the contrary.He replied my message and gave me a smile on my face. Here's what he did, "=)". As simple as that and it brighten my day.

Am I pretty easy to please?

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