Sunday, April 18, 2004
.:: Me and Her... the old story... ::.

I'm not against gay or lesbian... got some bi, lesbians and kinda lot of gay frens also... and i love the fabulous 5: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy [go carson!!!]. Hahaha, thx bwat yang udah komen di postingan sebelomnya ttg gay and lesbian. I love the comments and the small discussion .

Lemme start wit my story... once upon a time... in a far away land...

... jadi ceritanya waktu gw balik ke Indo bwat hols ahir taon lalu, i met one of my good friends, temen yang udah gw kenal dari dulu².

Kita jalan² bareng gitu, have fun banget, soalnya udah ampir 2 taon gw gaQ ketemu dia. One day she called me. Ngobrol², sampe ahirnya she mentioned something yang bener² bikin gw shock .

"I love you..", she said.

I know the fact that she is different from other gals, but I already said to her, from the start of our friendship, that I don't want her to bring something like this to our relationship.

Twus... dia maksa2 gw..., "Ah, you haven't tried it yet, that's why you dunno the pleasure of being one." Dan... dia terus maksa² gw supaya jadian ama dia ... she mentioned how pleasant it was to get kisses from a gal... how different it was when u get one from a guy; she told me all the good thing about making her as my partner... how considerate and thoughtful she is, how generous, things that she said i wouldn't get from a guy... [.. i don't agree with her..]

I asked her to leave me and stop forcing me. She kept sms-ing, calling, email-ing me, I tried to pick up her call once, but she still talking bout the same thing . I don't wanna lose the friendship we have, on the contrary, I can't get close to her anymore like before...

I miss her...

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