Thursday, March 11, 2004
.:: The Fighting Temptations ::.

Hari ini gw nonton film ini barengan temen². There are Cuba Gooding Jr. ama Beyonce Knowles. Music made this movie. I love the song 'He Loves You'. Bwat yang mo denger lagu²nya, bisa pegih ke websitenya.

"Fighting temptations makes you strong."
Itu adalah salah satu line di movie yang diucapin ama Beyonce. Waktu itu Gooding tanya ke dia, "How if there is no other chance?". Then she answered him untuk berpegang pada faithnya.

"I can call on him for anything
Feels like we always fall short
Of bein worthy... we are not worthy
Cuz I aint good enough
But he still loves me
I aint no superstar but I wanna be for you Lord
The spotlight aint shinin on me
Cuz I aint good enough
But you still love me"

Ouh... i love this movie and i'm searching for the OST cd ^-^.

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