Tuesday, April 20, 2004
.:: l'amour n'est jamais facile ::.

It takes two to tango..

Female: "Jujur... Gw cape dengan smua ini! Tiap saat gw cuman dipake untuk kepuasan sex elo, yang cuma sejam, dan habis itu udah! Nothing really happened between us!"

Male: "I spend my time with you. I love you, really. Buktinya gw bisa pulang kerja dan bawain elo bunga. Apa lagih yang elo pengen sebenernya sih?"

Female: "Don't you realise it? It's simple. I just wanna take a walk with you, talking at the nearest coffee shop, talk with you, that's all.... but... elo biasanya udah cape duluan buat hal² seperti itu... .

Relationship pria dan wanita... kata temen gw harus dimainkan dengan 2 players, tidak bisa hanya 1... well...

... yang di atas itu sih gara² lagih stress bikin tugas, liat² television, and found an interesting movie... [huheuheuehueh]

Hmmm... l'amour n'est jamais facile; utilisation votre foi ... Love is never easy, gotta use your faith??

Anyway, my friend asked me this question, "can love be easy? without any pain?"...

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