Friday, January 07, 2005
A Melancholy Blabber

Used to seeing black and white
Never really in between
Waiting on the love of my life
To come into my dreams
Everything is shades of gray
Never really blues or green
Needed someone else to turn to
Someone who could help me learn to see
All the beauty that was waiting for me

Hey ...
Hari ini a bit sad lho... and itu gara2 siapa lagi kalo bukan kamu.

Kamu ke mana aja?
Kenapa yah akhir2 ini pengennnn banget ngobrol...
Pengen banget denger suara kamu...
Pengen banget ketemu...

Hari ini udah ada kesempatan ngobrol2.
You better send me a good news .

Dear cinta,
Can you release that very logical mind of yours for once?
Dengan begitu mungkin kamu bisa lebih mengerti apa yang ada di dalam hati ini...

You put the blue back in the sky
You put the rainbow in my eyes
A silver lining in my prayers
And now there's colour everywhere

Lyrics: courtesy of Christian Bautista - Colour Everywhere.
Ha... malem2, mendung2.... ngapain lagih yahhh....*listening to lover's concerto* .
Yah... buat yang belom di-blogwalking-in, maap yah, koneksi sayah susah sekali buat diajak kompromi :).

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