Saturday, February 18, 2006
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Running. Running is a form of escaping oneself from evil reality unto surreal field. Temporary happiness found.

Black Dog. I love black dogs. Black golden retriever is a good choice .

Baileys. Enjoying Baileys every nite or getting it 3 times a day. Making it a part of one main meals.

Seek.com. Good site for applying job. Loaded with new jobs every day...

G. A compilation of sweet bard and athletic young executive. Blimey!!

Ardhi. Thanks for being there in times of 'civic' and 'blockbuster' manic... plus 'nandos' once every week. Getting manicaly with chicken . Do'h.

Qool QDA 700 Nice gift. Nice PDA. No need one rite now.

What do you think of me? Please click here. Safe site. Just wanna know your opinions.

Ah... cape... Time to rest and again, withdrawing myself.

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