Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Hula hoop was in my hi skool... (a normal thing) .

There was a time when I did nerd whispers in my chem lab (yeah, chem lab has some computers). I actually told my teacher (in nerd whisper) about me trying to dig up every chem jargons when I suppose to whisper those to my chem partner. Teach told me he was a hula hoop (what?). I tot he was kidding me and told my chem partner bout it... Then something not really strange happenede. My chem partner got blushed and said that he was also a hula hoop. Rumor has it but I never believe it.. tot he was an azaphile all along.

All happened in a day of yr 10 hi skool. Ah...hi skoollll...*kangen*

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