Tuesday, September 02, 2003
dear dy...

sekarang gw lagih di library curtin uni, mendominasi komputer dengan setumpuk komik dan satu novel di tas gw... heuheueh bangganya bisa sekolah di sini. Gara2 ga tau mo ngapain lagih jadi gw mengingat2 kisah kemaren malem ...

hmm kemaren itu telpon ama kk .. seneng bener.. soalnya dat was the first time i called him .. since i know him from march 2000!~...

*whatta pain...*

generally we just talked bout the prophetic ministry thingy and also the praise and worship seminar which take place @ ICC last nite ....

I found that the seminar was really2 good ... then i decided to call some of prophetic people. I told them to come today because Welyar Kauntu held another seminar, but today the seminar will be talk more about the technical things...eg. fungsi WL dalam ibadah , musicians and so on...

Yeah.. back to kk... (so many kk... sometimes make people confuse.. sorry can't tell the name.. confidential thing)

He talked, laughed, talked again and it was so nice to hear his voice..

All of the gals that i have 'interview`d' said that..

'he's the type that can connect with every kind of gals'~

'Natural born executive with charming style and smile.'

'He got this nice, structural (euheueheuh) body.... white but not so white skin, big but not so big eyes, thick eyebrows.. and it's so nice to be around him **felt so goooooodddd** ... *yum* *slurp*'

Haheuheuehhauhauhaa... The main point for me is.. he's a big brother to everyone!~ (big brother as for siblings...just afraid that u'll confuse the big bro with big bro in the novel, television and so on which are one of the intertextuality)..

**... sorry dy, for the corneh postingan....**

Dedicated to all the gals who admire him...

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