Monday, July 12, 2004
:: Decision Speed ::

Decision speed is a term that being used when a plane is speeding down a runway, at some point, staying on the ground is no longer an option. The pilot has to make a decision at that point because the plane can't stay on the ground anymore, or else it can crashes . At some point, staying on the ground is no longer an option, you have to take off.

Every once in a while pasti manusia dihadepin sama yang namanya decision speed. Beberapa dari mereka harus keluar dari comfort zone mereka dan mengambil decision karena kalo terlalu lama berada dalam comfort zone mereka, mereka akan jatuh. Beberapa harus berhenti bersantai² dan mulai untuk bekerja lebih keras. Life is like riding a bicycle on a slope, you either going forward or slide back, can't stay stagnate.. isn't it?.

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