Wednesday, July 14, 2004
:: PASS semua!!! ::

Results for student: 12928631
Course Code: 158699
Course status: Good Standing

Year of Study: 2004
Study Period: Semester 1, 2004

UnitGradeMarkUnit Title
001564664Journalism 112 - Introduction to Broadcast
002596556Journalism 210 - Media Law
012882665Media, Communication and Information 211
010855664Public Relations (Principles) 102

Pelajaran yang paling gw sanksi buat pass itu pelajaran Media Law.. but it's really by the grace of God gw bisa lewatin tuh Media Law *hore²*... **loncat**...

Tadi cek result di komputer gereja punya, sambil diliatin temen² yang penasaran dan yang pengen cek result. Ada Annes, Erlin, Larry, Sylvester, Aji, Titin, dll, rame deh pokonya. Tadinya sempet ga mao cek dulu, abisan serem, banyak orang pula.. kan kalo ada yang gimana² menakutkan . Akhirnya cek juga, yah, once again, by faith, hard work and grace of God semuanya bisa dijalani .

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