Friday, November 28, 2003
.:: Sex & The CT ::.

Once upon a time in Manhattan... There are these 4 gals...

I watched the 1st session again ...with my mum sitting next to me dan in the end of this session, unusual thing happened to me...

Hahaha... ... gw jadi jatuh cinta ama ne serial...

What happened was dat i'm asking myself bout soulmate thingy... 'how am i suppose to know if he's the one?'... i knoe.. for some of u guys dat this Qs can be such a stooooopid Qs to ask... ... i did some survey bout it some week ago...temen gw bilang "pake feeling", ada yang bilang "yah yang terjadi terjadilah... " ada yang cuman ketawa... ada yang diem... ada yang bilang "ntar dateng sendiri"...

What if... we have a faith to a guy dat he can be the one we spend our lifetime wif.. then something happened along the way dat makes us to separate.. what if... we took a wrong choice and it ruins the rest of our life? Can love buys happiness? and even so... can sex buys love? ... Can we rely to something that we even not really sure bout it?

It's just a late nite thinking guyz... ... just some questions dat oso came up in my friend's mind... and mine...

...at least... i know that i got to hold on to my faith... cling to sumthing Up There...

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